Thursday, June 8, 2017

6 Common Workplace Injuries - St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you are injured at work, you could be left with huge medical bills to pay. You may also be unable to work or perhaps unable to return to your previous job. Thankfully, workers compensation is supposed to take care of medical bills and part of wage loss.

Some common workplace injuries that a St Louis workers injury lawyer can help you with

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome - It's not just construction workers and the like that can suffer an injury at work. Anyone who spends a lot of time working at a desk on a computer can suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome. Excessive typing or holding a mouse can cause this condition. It can often be prevented with the use of special ergonomic chairs and keyboards, and some instruction on the correct height to have a desk and chair.

Back pain and spinal injuriesBack and spine problems are also common in a wide variety of jobs. Back pain should never be ignored as it can often become worse over time and as you age. This type of case can be hard to prove. There are many reasons why someone may suffer back pain. If you are sure your back pain was caused due to your working conditions, your St Louis work injury lawyer will do their best to help you prove this. Even if you have since left that employment and are now seeking compensation.

Heart attacks – A physically demanding job, a job that exposes you to high temperatures on a regular basis or a high pressure position can all result in a heart attack. If you find your blood pressure is increasing, this could be a sign of an impending heart attack and it is important you seek medical attention.

Burns – People who work in the catering industry are likely to suffer burns. Also, anyone who works with hazardous chemicals could be at risk from a chemical burn. Serious burns can massively affect your life. There are strict guidelines set out for employees to minimize risk of burns.

Foot and leg pains – If you're on your feet a lot for your job, you could end up with some bad pain in your feet or in your legs. It's important that this type of employee are given regular breaks to rest their legs and feet.

Falls and crushing accidents – One of the most common types of injury in the workplace are those resulting from a fall, or becoming crushed. Construction workers are especially at risk from this type of injury.

If you have suffered an injury at work, it's important to seek advice from a specialist lawyer to claim compensation. If you are worried that your working environment is unsafe and are concerned it could lead to an accident then you must bring this to the attention of your employer. Call (314) 361-4300 to speak with an experienced St. Louis workers compensation attorney.

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